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Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) is a Spanish university created in 1989, with the vocation of being an innovative, quality public university with a priority focus on research. Its mission is to contribute to the improvement of society through quality teaching and advanced research in accordance with demanding international criteria.

The Aircraft Operations Lab UC3M is a research group within the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. It is made up of professors, postdoctoral researchers, R&D engineers and PhD students from different fields, who work together with the aim of innovating for safer, more resilient and sustainable aviation. The group's main lines of research focus on aircraft trajectory optimisation, including weather uncertainty and climate change; and artificial intelligence with application to Air Traffic Management, including problems related to weather prediction, air traffic and climate change.

Role in the project
  • Provision of climate models for CO2 and non-CO2 (specifically contrails), building on previous work carried out in the FlyATM4E and ALARM projects

  • Creation of optimisation algorithms for environmental management of flight trajectories for commercial aircraft. The robust optimal approach will take advantage of UC3M's in-house trajectory optimisation tools (ROOSTcii library).

  • Integration of noise models for commercial aviation into the optimization engine, in order to cover the whole set of environmental variables affected by aviation based on interdependencies and optimal trade-offs.

  • Development of a network-scale (i.e., considering multiple vehicles) optimisation algorithms to reduce the environmental impact both in urban areas and considering the ATM system.

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