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AgentFly ATM simulation preparation for RefMap project integration

The AgentFly team initiated the work on the RefMap project by defining the ATM scenario. The ATM scenario is one of three scenarios intended for the project (ATM, UTM, UAS).

ATM Scenario

The AgentFly team prepared the ATM scenario in cooperation with Universidad D Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M). The scenario definition consists of the traffic, airspace, and environment. The selected traffic for the scenario is from 18th June 2018, and the traffic is filtered for the area of interest. The area of interest is given by the following GPS coordinates Latitude: [30° – 75°], Longitude: [-20° – 40°]. The traffic has also been time-limited between 12:00 and 16:00 UTC. The following pictures show the traffic and trajectories of the traffic.

The airspace definition has to match the selected traffic. The DDR2 data are used to load airspace structure – fixes, routes, sectors, and sectorisation. Then, the AgentFly simulation system allows the simulation of the historical traffic using historical sectorisation, or it can dynamically change the sectorisation to accommodate changes in traffic or other parameters. The second option is used because the traffic will vary during environmental optimisations, and thus, the traffic won’t follow historical trajectories anymore. The following image shows the European airspace in the AgentFly simulation system.

The main environmental factor in the ATM simulations is wind; it affects the performance of aircraft and mainly the fuel consumption across the flight’s route. The wind is taken from historical data from the ERA5 dataset published by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts. The data cover the selected traffic of 18th June 2018. The following image shows wind simulation inside the AgentFly simulation framework.

Integration with UC3M

The experts from UC3M are working on environmental trajectory optimisation, and in the current state of the project, they provide the AgentFly team with testing outputs of different trajectory variants. The AgentFly team worked on support of the data exchange format between AgentFly and UC3M. The first experiments are essential for the evaluation of data exchangeability. The following image shows variants of proposed trajectories provided by the UC3M simulated in the AgentFly simulation framework.



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