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RefMap partners met in TU - Delft in the Netherlands, on 5 & 6 October 2023

RefMap partners meeting in TU Delft
RefMap partners meeting in TU Delft

On October 5th & 6th all the partners of the RefMap project gathered for a 2 day extended discussion on the project’s progress and the next important steps in a very productive meeting in TU Delft in the Netherlands.

On the first day, we shared a presentation of a first overview of the project and then we proceeded with a more detailed discussion on the various work packages and their progress. In this discussion, the challenges and the proposed solutions were put on the table. The topics of discussion were mainly the “New business for aviation”, the “Simulation of flows in urban environments”, as well as the “Deep-learning methods for flow prediction and trajectory optimisation”. As dissemination and communication is proved to be a crucial part of the project, there was also a discussion on the ongoing and future activities and also the events that the partners are involved in.

On the second day, the meeting continued with a discussion on the issues of “Noise modelling, Integration and validation of models in multi-scale aviation”. On the evening of the 5th of October, we had the opportunity to relax and discuss in a picturesque part of the city of Delft.

We want to thank our partners from the TU- Delft for their hospitality and the organisation of this important meeting.

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