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RefMap presents research work at ECATS Conference

RefMap’s partners had the opportunity to participate in the 4th ECATS Conference on "Making aviation environmentally sustainable" on 24-26 October 2023 at Delft, Netherlands. This event allowed scientists and researchers worldwide to present state-of-the-art research, review recent achievements, and simultaneously provide a strategic perspective on future directions in environmentally sustainable aviation.

One of the main discussion topics at the conference was climate impact and mitigation options. Researchers from universities and companies emphasised the critical role that Sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) play in minimising the climate impact of aviation. Our partners had fruitful discussions regarding SAF emissions with the top experts who lead the outstanding initiatives in the SAF field as the RefMap Project includes climate impact assessment while utilising SAF.

Our partners from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Fateme Baneshi and Abolfazl Simorgh, from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Hakki Aksoy and Evelyn Otero, as well as Simon Blakey from the University of Birmingham presented their work related to our project. Namely, Fateme Baneshi presented her study on “Scalable Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Strategic Deconfliction of Climate-Optimal Trajectories”, Abolfazl Simorgh presented his research related to “Free-routing climate-friendly flight planning using the GPU-based trajectory optimizer ROOST” and Hakki Aksoy presented the work on “Adapting the Boeing Fuel Flow Method to Sustainable Aviation Fuels”.

Simon Hakki and Evelyn Otero discuss REFMAP work on SAF emissions modeling



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