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RefMap at the Airspace World Exhibition 2024

The visitors of the recent Airspace World Exhibition in Geneva, held from March 19th to 21st, 2024, had the chance to learn more about our project, RefMap at our partner Agent Fly’s booth. Our Czech partner, who participated for the first time at the event, was impressed by the level of interest generated by their ATM and UTM simulation and their contributions to the RefMap project.

Airspace World 2024 was the largest edition to date, experiencing a significant increase in attendance. Over 140 countries were represented, with more than 65 key Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), airspace leaders, and policymakers convening at the event. This solidified Airspace World's position as the premier global gathering place for ANSPs.

This impressive international audience provided great feedback for our project, which garnered a lot of attention as it is a project that focuses on both UTM and ATM traffic scenarios. The exhibition also was a valuable platform for our partner, AgentFly to showcase their ongoing work. They presented their simulation platform, a tool designed to be able to explore a wide variety of simulated air traffic scenarios. AgentFly's simulation is unique in its ability to simulate both UTM and ATM traffic in separate or mixed scenarios, which is essential for the broad scope of the RefMap project.

RefMap aims to make air travel greener for airlines and drone operators. It achieves this by developing a digital service that optimises flight paths on both a large and small scale. This service analyses environmental factors like wind patterns, noise pollution, and emissions to help airlines make choices that minimise their environmental footprint. Ultimately, RefMap paves the way for stricter environmental policies in aviation based on solid data. RefMap's focus on reducing fuel consumption and emissions simultaneously resonated with a wide range of stakeholders in the aviation world.

Overall, our participation at Airspace World proved to be a successful one. The event provided an opportunity to connect with a wide range of stakeholders in the aviation industry and showcase their contributions to the future of sustainable aviation


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