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riskMap – An OpenFOAM utility to compute directionally averaged risk metrics for RANS


OpenFOAM-compatible native utility

In the time leading up to the preparation of our first manuscript as part of the Refmap project titled “Understanding the impact of varying geometry level of detail in multi-direction urban RANS simulations tailored for urban air-mobility viability”, we realised the post-processing of the large amount of data generated as part of the low-fidelity computational framework can scale up to order 10’s of hours. To that end, we are excited to share a new OpenFOAM-compatible native utility that can compute the requisite averages and statistics and shrink the analysis time from hours to 200 seconds compared to the Python utilities. We published the code for others who might find this utility useful and would love to have other open-source contributors add more features and routines to the code. A representative figure of this utility's results can be seen in the figure below, where red colours mean a high-risk region where drones should not be recommended to transit through. The code is freely available at


Some exciting features we think might be valuable:

-        The utility can be run in serial for small cases and in parallel for large cases where wall clock times are of importance.

-        The utility computes wind-rose averaged mean velocities and Turbulence levels along with a probabilistic risk metric for drone trajectory decision-making.

-        These results are computed for the entire domain in a matter of minutes and the results are natively OpenFOAM compatible and can be operated/accessed using Paraview and/or other OpenFOAM utilities.

-        Adding extra features is simple as the code is open-source.


Code Citation: Patil, A., & Garcia-Sanchez, C. (2024). riskMap - An OpenFOAM utility to compute directionally averaged risk metrics for RANS simulations (Version 0.1.0) [Computer software].


This blog post was edited by Akshay Patil & Clara Garcia-Sanchez from our partner TU Delft.


For more news coming out of the project, stay tuned with us at and our social media.


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